Sossusvlei Desert


Sossusvlei Desert Ecotourism Safari

One of the oldest, driest and most pristine areas on Earth, the Sossusvlei Desert in Namibia is a world of vast spaces, endless horizons, dramatic desertscapes and jagged mountain heights.

The largest private nature reserve in Southern Africa, the NamibRand Nature Reserve spans 215 000 hectares (530 000 acres) of this unspoiled desert wilderness.

The spectacular dunes at Sossusvlei, arrayed in magnificent hues of orange, buttermilk, pumpkin and sienna, tower over a vast, dry pan. Over 230 metres (750 feet) high and constantly twisted and shaped by the wind, these breathtaking dunes are among the highest in the world. The Sossusvlei Desert makes for an excellent Ecotourism destination.

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Sossusvlei Desert Ecotourism

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