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Helicopter Flight Of Angels

Experience a bird's eye view of the magnificent Victoria Falls, Zambezi River and Batoka Gorge on this epic Victoria Falls Helicopter Flight, aptly name the Flight of Angels.

When David Livingstone first viewed the Victoria Falls he described the scenes as "So lovely they must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight." The "Flight of Angels" is the most popular helicopter flight in Victoria Falls. You will arrive at the helicopter pad that has a magnificent natural backdrop of the Victoria Falls in the distance. One of the friendly staff will give you a short but informative safety briefing and point out your helicopter flight path on a wonderfully illustrated map.

Thereafter you will board the helicopter and the excitement begins. After a smooth take off you will make your way towards the Victoria Falls. The excitement grows as you approach the falls. You can only truly appreciate the sheer magnitude of the Victoria Falls from a helicopter flight. The helicopter will complete a series of clockwise and anti clockwise turns. This allows passengers on both sides of the helicopter fantastic views and photo opportunities of the Victoria Falls and the Batoka Gorge below.

Once the helicopter has completed a series of orbits you will begin your return to the helicopter pad. You will fly upriver for a short distance. The views of the Zambezi River from the helicopter are magnificent.  Once you have flown over Kalunda Island you will take a left turn and prepare for your landing.

Once you have landed safely you will have the opportunity to view some photos and a video from your trip. These photos and DVD's of your helicopter flight are available for purchase. Thereafter you will be dropped back off at your accommodation to prepare for your next Victoria Falls adventure.

For a longer flight and the opportunity to see more of the Batoka Gorge and fly over the Zambezi National Park why not try the 25 minute Zambezi Spectacular Helicopter Flight.


$150 per person
08:00 - 17:00 daily
15 minutes
Min pax: 2



• Rates quoted are per person.
• Please treat all pricing as a guide only.
• All rates are subject to availability and may change without notice.
• Request a quote or speak to one of our Conscious Traveller safari experts for the best, most current rates available.


Helicopter flight
Return transfers


US$15 National Parks fees per person



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Making A Difference

Helicopter Flight Of Angels
Supporting anti-poaching in Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of the local wildlife and natural resources in Victoria Falls. VFAPU tries to ease some of the burdens by protecting the wildlife and habitat from poacher pressure (subsistence and commercial), as well rescue and rehabilitate animals injured by human interference. Additionally, they try to train and find employment for ex-poachers so that they have a sustainable income without doing harm to flora and fauna. Education is also important, and VFAPU and its partners try to reach children at an early age through school and community awareness programs.

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