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Swim In Devil's Pool At The Edge Of Victoria Falls

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Livingstone Island Devils Pool
Livingstone Island
Devils Pool
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Livingstone Island Tours
Devils Pool Livingstone Island
Devils Pool Victoria Falls

Livingstone Island Tour

Livingstone Island is where Dr David Livingstone first saw the Victoria Falls. Explore the island and experience dramatic views of the Falls, before plunging into Devil's Pool, a natural rock pool on the edge of the Victoria Falls.

Visit Livingstone Island in Livingstone, Zambia (also known as Devils Pool) and stand where the Scottish explorer David Livingstone first viewed the Victoria Falls. On a Livingstone Island tour you can swim to the edge of the magnificent Victoria Falls and plunge into Devils Pool which is a natural rock pool on a ledge right at the edge of Victoria Falls.

Your trip to Livingstone Island starts at the deck of the Royal Livingstone Hotel in Livingstone, Zambia. Here you will meet your guides and be given an introduction of what to expect and a safety talk. From there you will take a short boat ride to Livingstone Island. The captain will navigate the rocky channels as you cruise within a close distance of the Victoria Falls. This is a great experience in itself.

Once you reach Livingstone Island you will be greeted by the friendly staff. You are then lead to the very edge of the Victoria Falls where David Livingstone first witnessed the Falls himself. You get to experience magnificent views of the Victoria Falls from a completely different perspective than the views from the rainforest. If it is a sunny day the rainbows are incredible.

Once you have viewed the Victoria Falls you have the opportunity to jump into Devils Pool. The guides will explain the route before giving you a safety briefing. Although there is a safety rope to assist you along the way, you should be a confident swimmer. Once you reach the ledge you climb onto a rocky outcrop close to the edge of the Falls. Devils Pool is a deep natural pool that has been created by thousands of years of erosion. Devils Pool has a natural rock ledge literally on the edge of the Falls. This creates a barrier where the water is only a few centimeters deep. This barrier allows you to safely jump into the pool without getting swept over the edge of the falls.

Once you are in Devils Pool you can lie on the rock ledge and look out over the Victoria Falls. With the flowing water rushing past just meters away. This is an incredible experience and one you will be talking about forever. Once you have had your fun in Devils Pool the guides will lead you back to Livingstone Island where you will be treated to either breakfast, lunch or high tea depending the the time of day. The three options are explained below:

Livingstone Island Morning Breezer (US$120 per person)
Trips to Livingstone Island are offered at different times throughout the day. Each trip lasts about 3 hours. The Livingstone Island morning breezer trips leave from the Royal Livingstone Hotel at 07:30, 09:00 and 10:30 and includes tea & coffee, soft drinks and light snacks.

Livingstone Island Lunch (US$185 per person)
The Livingstone Island lunch trip leaves from the Royal Livingstone Hotel at 12:30 and includes lunch, soft drinks, beer and wine.

Livingstone Island High Tea (US$160 per person)
The Livingstone Island high tea leaves from the Royal Livingstone Hotel at 15:30 and includes tea & coffee, light snacks, soft drinks, beer and wine.


$120 - $185 per person
07:30 / 09:00 / 10:30 / 12:30 / 15:30 daily
4 hours
Min pax: 2



• Rates quoted are per person.
• Please treat all pricing as a guide only.
• All rates are subject to availability and may change without notice.
• Request a quote or speak to one of our Conscious Traveller safari experts for the best, most current rates available.


Breakfast , lunch or high tea
Livingstone Island Tour
Boat ride from Royal Livingstone hotel
Return transfers


Visas fees if applicable



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Livingstone Island Tour
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Operating on the Zambezi River brings its own challenges. Tongabezi desires less noise, less emissions and as little upset to the local flora and fauna as possible. Tongabezi and Livingstone Island do good by going green where possible by utilising solar energy, recycling uniforms and sourcing fire wood supplies from sustainable forests in the Copper belt near Ndola. The Tongabezi garden is a veritable feast of organically fed and organically protected vegetables. Picked fresh early in the morning and prepared by the chefs for your dining delight. Tongabezi are investing in the future by supporting the Tujatane School & Village as well as the Mukuni community, and help spread awareness of HIV.

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