Female Adventure Travel To Africa

Female Adventure Travel To Africa


Female Adventure Travel To Africa

Enjoy meeting other like-minded ladies through adventure? Give your life a JOLT and join fellow female adventurers for a Journey Of A Life Time in Africa. Meet Tonya Meikle - founder of JOLT Africa (Journey Of A Lifetime) who specialises in female only adventure travel to Africa.

Born and raised in Africa, Tonya Meikle is an experienced and passionate guide to people who wish to experience Africa to its fullest.

From canoeing across Rift Valley lakes to intrepid overland journeys, Tonya has accumulated a lifetime of adventures in Africa. With years of experience in the travel industry, she has developed a deep love of Africa, its people and wildlife. From her home base in Victoria Falls she divides her time between her family, operating and guiding for her company JOLT Africa, and taking an active involvement in anti-poaching. Tonya’s passion is accompanying her guests every step of the way, assisting, guiding and inspiring them to make the most of their own African odyssey.

JOLT is an Africa-focused company specialising in female only adventure travel. Tonya's skill is to give female travellers a chance to experience Africa in a way that is safe yet exciting and unforgettable. Her aim is to offer women an opportunity to enjoy the personal reward, building of confidence and satisfaction of experiencing something challenging and a bit outside their comfort zone.

Female Adventure Travel In Africa

With no previous experience or special training needed, anyone can enjoy these trips - all you need is an open mind and adventurous spirit. You will be in the company of other fun loving and adventurous women also looking to experience a journey of a lifetime in Africa.

Join these unique African travel safaris for woman where you will make memories that will stay with you forever. Join Tonya and experience the reward of challenging yourself and experiencing Africa’s diverse countries. Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana and Madagascar. Within these countries you will enjoy the privilege of experiencing Africa’s magnificent landscapes, people, cultures, wildlife and food.

Tonya's journeys always give you a chance to give back through the wildlife and community programs she supports. All her partners are positively involved with their local communities. JOLT Africa's travel adventures for woman are a perfect way to experience the best Africa has to offer. Renew your spirits, challenge yourself, make new friends and have a blast. All in the company of female guides and fellow lady travellers.

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