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How Do I Get To & Around Zimbabwe?


How Do I Get To & Around Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe is a major tourist destination with more than 2.5 million tourists arriving annually.

International airports in both Harare and Victoria Falls facilitate this influx and as the economy and stability of Zimbabwe improves more and more international and regional airlines are choosing to fly in directly. The road network is good but there may be some lengthly delays during the busy season.

Flights to Zimbabwe
Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe and there are now many international and regional airlines that have scheduled flights directly into the capital, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls. For flight schedules and the different airlines that bring you to this amazing country, visit this Flights to Zimbabwe page.

Harare International Airport: mostly used as a conduit to Victoria Falls, the easiest way to fly into Harare is via Johannesburg as there aren't many direct international flights into the country.

Victoria Falls International Airport: serving Victoria Falls, Hwange and the Zambezi Valley destinations, this airport is a local logistics hub and connects easily with destinations in Botswana and further afield.

Note: Light aircraft charters are available for flights to more remote destinations.

Zimbabwe is accessible by road from the countries that surround it. It is always advisable to check the current status of fuel availability in Zimbabwe before travel by road, as this seems to be a continuous struggle for the locals. As fuel has to be imported from either Mozambique or South Africa, you can expect to pay more per litre than you would in most other Southern African countries.

It should also be noted that roads in Zimbabwe are now in a very dilapidated state, and due caution should be taken when driving, especially at night, and in particular, during the November to March rainy season. Potholes are a very common occurrence and a serious threat to any vehicle that hits one.

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