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When Is The Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls?


When Is The Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls?

We recommend visiting Victoria Falls between May through to the end of September. June/July is mid-winter which in some parts of the country means that it can get very cold in the evening and early morning. Winter days though are generally beautiful with average temperatures of around 23° Celsius. October/November are extremely hot and dry months and the summer rains start in December through till March. It's generally still hot during the rainy season, but heavy and persistent rain can spoil one's holiday.

The water level of the Zambezi River varies remarkably throughout the year and this does affect some of the activities in Victoria Falls. The Victoria Falls region receives seasonal rainfall, and therefore the amount of water flowing over the Victoria Falls changes drastically.

The water level is at its lowest point around November each year. At this time of year the water falls mainly in the deeper section of the river on the Zimbabwean side of the Victoria Falls. During the low water season some areas of the Zambian side dry up completely leaving a gigantic crack of exposed bare rock in the earth. This may not be as spectacular as the Victoria Falls in full flood.

The water level is at its highest between April and May. During these months the Victoria Falls are a thundering wall of falling water and the spray from the falls can obscure the view.

So which time of year is best for Victoria Falls activities and to visit Victoria Falls? The real answer is all year round. During the dryer months between June and September you are more likely to spot wildlife in Victoria Falls, but during the wetter months, the Victoria Falls themselves are more impressive.

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